Dr. Ostroth and his assistant made every part of my root canal very relaxing and comfortable. It was an easy, painless experience.

Maryanne L. Royal Oak, MI

Thank you to Dr. Ostroth – he is amazing! Yesterday I broke the back half of my molar off and today, I’m cured!! I swear, it’s like I never broke my tooth and there was no pain during the process. Thank you, thank you!!

Chris C. Royal Oak, MI

I just wanted to write and thank you for the positive, pain free extraction that you performed on me yesterday. I would never have believed that pulling a tooth could be such a great experience. Your darling nurse was so sweet; she hummed a tune and rubbed my arm to calm me for the experience. You were so funny that you had me laughing (in fact all 3 of us were laughing) during what is usually a very uncomfortable procedure (or so I understand from friends who have undergone extractions). I am so impressed with you, your nurse, and the receptionist. Everyone is warm, welcoming, and professional. You are the best, most professional and kind hearted dentist I know. You have a ton of integrity and I am so thankful to have you as my dentist!.

Maryanne L. Royal Oak, MI

I originally went to Dr. Thane Ostroth just for a second opinion on whether or not I needed my wisdom teeth out (removed through the gums at the jaw bone which is much more invasive and painful then having them pulled). He recommended that I did since my teeth were shifting. He recommended me to an oral surgeon who was half the cost that my dentist was quoting me. I went back to Dr. Thane to get my metal fillings replaced…turned out my dentist was drilling holes in my teeth and filling them. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been going to Dr. Thane ever since and have gotten Lumineers which I love and I highly, highly recommend him. I tell everyone I can about him. He’s genuine, honest, and the staff is fantastic. I never feel like I’m being lied to or being gouged financially!

Nicole D. Madison Heights, MI

Great place for Ortho & affordable!

Aaron T. Troy, MI