Going Green


Going Green?? Join Dr. Ostroth…he’s way ahead!

Did you know…that Dr. Ostroth has been a leader in “green” techniques for decades?

Here’s what Dr. Ostroth and his office have been doing for our environment:

Businesses are exempt from recycling, yet when the City of Royal Oak first began curbside recycling in 1990, Dr. Ostroth went downtown and purchased a recycling bin. He’s been carrying it back and forth to the side street each week for pick up ever since.

In the 1980’s, one of the very first houses in Royal Oak to have solar panels was Dr. Ostroth’s home.

In 1998, after many years of generously donating both time and money to the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center, Dr. Ostroth was gifted a lifetime membership.

Dr. Ostroth has not used amalgam (mercury fillings) in over 25 years…even though the American Dental Association currently allows amalgams because they are a less expensive procedure.

Shredded paper and cardboard are taken to SOCRRA (an Oakland County recycling center) for recycling.

All office printers, faxes, and copy machines use recycled paper.

All toner and ink jet cartridges are recycled back to the manufacturers.

Pure reverse osmosis water is used in the coffee and tea served in the waiting room each day.

Fluorescent tubes are taken to SOCRRA to be recycled. Almost 100% of the lights in Dr. Ostroth’s office are color-corrected fluorescents or compact fluorescents. The sunlight (color-corrected) fluorescents give you the benefit of being in the sun during your visit while the compact fluorescents reduce electrical consumption.

A recycler is installed on the suction water system (water is used to prime the suction pumps), reducing water consumption by 70%!

Dr. Ostroth’s office donates magazines to local elementary schools to be used by students for school projects.


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